Rapidworkers is a legit micro jobs site, they have 100.000+ registered workers. You can make money by doing easy tasks. There are lots of social media jobs available. Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook jobs. Following pages, liking posts, commenting on videos and photos, watching videos, joining groups and many more. Signup jobs, vote jobs also available on the site. The only bad thing with this website is the payment option. They only pay via Paypal. You must have a verified Paypal account to receive your payment. If you have a verified Paypal account you can work on Rapidworkers and make $5-$10 per day easily depending on your time.

Paying micro job site
Site has 100.000+ workers
Lots of jobs
Social media jobs

Paid surveys
Data entry
Forum jobs
Signup jobs

Mobile phone app jobs

Minimum Payout: $10
Payment options: Paypal
Website paid out over $5.000.000+

Single payment option (Paypal)
High withdraw fees



Pictures from the Rapidworkers.com

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