People Per Hour

People Per Hour is one of the best freelance site on the net. Site has more than 1.550.000 freelancers and 750.000+ businesses. Company paid out over £106,000,000. If you have good talents in any category you can work as a freelancer on PeoplePerHour and make very good money online. You can make thousands of dollar per month, depending on your skills and your time. I have opened an account as a freelancer to test this site, and love it, it is easy to use and it’s easy to post a job. I highly recommend you to join this freelance platform. Signup here now.

Reputable Freelance Site
Over 1.550.000 Registered Freelance Users
751,831 Businesses
£106,454,830 Earned by Freelancers

Available Worldwide
Free to Post Jobs

Post Projects Quickly
Multi-Category Jobs
Product Categories/Searches

Filtered Seller Search
Secure Personal Details
Protected Buyer Payments
Private Communications
Secure Payment Gateways
Seller Rating & Feedback
Multi-Currency Support

User Friendly Interface



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